Window Film

From Avery Dennison to 3M, we carry all of the major window film and paint protection brands. We’ve got you covered. 

Avery Dennison Automotive Window Films combine superior aesthetics and performance with remarkable heat shrink properties for easy and efficient application. Our color stable films won’t fade to purple and are developed with an acrylic scratch resistant hard coat to enable scratch-free installation and maintenance.


Window film can help increase the efficiency of your existing windows by up to 25%. When window film is properly applied, it decreases energy transfer coming in from the outside. Window film can be seen as an insulator and much like the insulation in your house, window film adds a layer of protection from outside energy. Which is why we trust Elite Automotive Window Films and are proud to be an authorized dealer of their products.  

Lintec offer an extremely diverse range of products that include adhesive papers and films for seals and labels, automobile-use products, window films, semiconductor-related tapes and equipment, LCD-related products, color papers for envelopes and release papers and films.


3M™ FASARA™ Glass Finishes are decorative glass and window films available in over 100 designs. These decorative finishes can be used to control light and privacy while enhancing interiors aesthetics. FASARA™ Glass Finishes provides the advantages of etched, cut, sandblasted, and textured glass at a fraction of the cost.

The widest range of perforated window films brought to you by the world’s leading manufacturer and specialist of one-way vision graphics. Exclusive features, unbeatable print results plus quick and clean removability, are a few of the reasons why Contra Vision is the film of choice by the world’s top brands. Contra Vision offers products for both long-term and short-term durability, both inside and outside application, widest choice of transparencies, a specialist perforated film for night-time pop, innovative liners for optimized printing plus the world’s first High Definition, micro perforated film